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Advanced Networking

Design development and testing for proven networking solutions, focused on high performance and scalability.


Accelerate your neural network computations for machine learning platforms and build next-gen autonomous machines.


  • Reduce the size, weight, and power (SWaP) of your advanced radar systems
  • Direct signal conversion with RFSoC technology

Space Applications

  • FPGA design using RTG4 radiation-hardened features
  • Maximize capabilities in harsh environments
  • Flexible licensing options

High-Speed Video

  • Video pipelines architected to your requirements
  • 3rd party custom IP integration
  • Software and FPGA system integration

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Proven solutions to jumpstart innovation

Space Switch RTG4 Dev Kit

Accelerate development on your radiation-hardened products.

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Time-synchronous Deterministic Networking IP

Move time-sensitive data from point A to point B in an instant.

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Multi-Stream Dev Kit

Capture, process, mix and stream multiple video feeds over a single wire.

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Projects we have guided to success

1Gb Space Ethernet Switch

A customized networking solution for land, sea, air, or space, made portable with RISC-V architecture.

Defense-Class AVB Networking

IEEE standards-based MAC with traffic prioritization performing high-accuracy time synchronization “behind the scenes.”

RFSoC-Based Radar Processing

Radar signal processing algorithm and hardware for a system that searches for and identifies moving targets with concealed explosive devices.

Aerial Video Systems

Aerospace application that optimizes data ingestion from 12 simultaneously streaming cameras using DornerWorks FPGA and IP design.

Multi-camera System for ADAS

Real-time processing, mixing and streaming power of FPGAs enable this system for next-gen vehicle systems.

Advanced RF for MRI

A system for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)that helps clinicians and doctors improve the quality of care they can give their patients.

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Partner with DornerWorks and you will reach market quickly and launch products that stand out.

We can architect data pipelines to your requirements, help you integrate 3rd party or custom IP, and optimize your software and FPGA systems to work seamlessly.

Working with DornerWorks means you own your innovation with the knowledge base and training to configure your FPGAs going forward.

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