The Accelerated Approach to Bringing Your Products Onto the Modular Active Protection Systems Network

Don’t let the learning curve of new and emerging standards hold you back from innovation.

You’ve got a great idea to enable survivability in the world’s most dangerous environments. We’ve got a solution that will help you bring it up to MAPS conformance so you can concentrate on your product design and reduce time to market.

Schedule a meeting with our team today. We will provide you with a MAPS conversion module so you can bring your networked products up to the standard and leave development worries behind.

Reduce time to market
Extend use of legacy platforms
MAPS conformance

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Modular Active Protection System (MAPS)

What is MAPS?

The U.S. Army’s Modular Active Protection System (MAPS) framework sets the standard for networked systems. It also adds to the schedule and costs of open architecture product development.

Modularization simplifies system design by making complexity manageable, enables programs to conduct parallel development efforts, and accommodates future uncertainty by allowing for incremental changes to a system.

How can I align my products with MAPS framework?

DornerWorks Modular solution enables automatic survivability systems for ground combat vehicles and crews. More importantly, it helps companies accelerate development and delivery of products compliant with the MAPS architecture framework.

DornerWorks modular solution will help you accelerate your pathway to MAPS compliance.


Accelerate development through Modularity and Open Architecture

DornerWorks is helping companies accelerate development of MOSA-aligned products with deep expertise in software, hardware, and FPGA design, as well as niche areas like Ethernet networking and RF platforms.