Accelerate Space Product Development with the Space Switch on a Chip IP & Dev Kit from DornerWorks

A lot of companies struggle to build accurate, high-speed networked systems that can grow their business. DornerWorks can help your business develop a customized networking solution for land, sea, air, or space with the multi-layer, space-qualified Ethernet switch IP and Dev Kit.

More About the MAC IP

More About the Space Switch IP

Make the most of limited resources

If you need a networking solution for safety-critical applications, you don’t want to risk COTS devices that could put stress on your system and leave you open to hardware vulnerabilities.

Whether for a nuclear submarine fathoms deep, or a space station miles above, DornerWorks Space Switch on a Chip IP & Dev Kit provide an accelerated path to developing products that make life easier for people working in the harshest conditions on Earth and in space.

Safety-critical certification artifacts
  • NASA standards
  • ISO 9001 and AS9100
  • ISO 13485
Minimal footprint for limited resources
  • Just 10% of the wattage of most COTS options
  • IP routing handled in hardware logic
  • RISC-V softcore is portable to any platform
Multi-layer enhanced capability
  • Limited IP routing
  • VLAN tagging


DornerWorks Space Switch IP on Microchip rad-hard RTG4 FPGAs

An aerospace company decided on a radiation-hardened ARM platform for its network switch, which would improve the quality of life for people in space. DornerWorks FPGA team guided the company to:

  • Microchip’s RTG4 radiation tolerant FPGAs rather than a strict software approach
  • Custom IP for the FPGA, meeting the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol standard for networking
  • Multiple Microchip FPGAs with a RISC-V softcore processor, using a modified version of DornerWorks own MAC core

Being compatible with the end-users’ commercial devices, the product spans markets and cements the company’s hold on the aerospace market. Moreover, flexible data rights for the finished product give the company full ownership of its own innovation.

Accelerate product development for space

DornerWorks can help your business develop a customized networking solution for land, sea, air, or space. Get the Space Switch on a Chip IP or Development Kit today so you can launch products that change lives for the better.