A major aerospace company came to DornerWorks with the idea to reduce one of biggest barriers space travelers face when trying to communicate with loved ones back home. Guiding the customer toward a radiation-hardened FPGA-based platform from Microchip for its solution, DornerWorks engineers helped turn this idea into reality, enabling Gig Ethernet communication on board NASA’s Artemis missions to the moon and beyond.

Our Solution

DornerWorks guided the company toward Microchip’s RTG4 radiation tolerant FPGAs rather than a strict software approach.

  • Custom IP was developed for the FPGA, meeting the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol standard for networking.
  • DornerWorks implemented multiple Microchip FPGAs with a RISC-V softcore processor, using a modified version of its own MAC core.
  • Being compatible with the end-users’ commercial devices, the product spans markets and cements the company’s hold on the aerospace market.
  • Flexible data rights for the finished product give the company full ownership of its own innovation.