DornerWorks Audio-Video Bridging (AVB) and Time-Synchronized Networking (TSN) IP

Modern warfighters are informed and kept safer on the front lines of battle, industrial systems respond in real-time, and mission-critical sensor systems are connected together in aerospace applications thanks to capable products developed by innovative companies.

Those companies rely on engineering guidance from DornerWorks for the reliable and robust Audio-Video Bridging (AVB) and Time-Synchronized Networking (TSN) solutions to make their product ideas become reality.

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DornerWorks AVB IP

By connecting sensors to the leading-edge technology that can make business-critical decisions in an instant, AVB systems developed by DornerWorks are helping manufacturers and other industrial companies adapt swiftly and with confidence.

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DornerWorks TSN IP

TSN standards extend AVB, improving performance and provided performance guarantees with time-scheduled traffic and frame-preemption.

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Level-up your Ethernet networked products with Time-Sensitive Networking

The cutting-edge TSN technology developed by DornerWorks is helping everyone from aerospace and defense to industrial companies stay ahead of the game, adapting swiftly and confidently to the demands of today’s fast-paced and connected world.

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