A number of other excellent organizations recommend DornerWorks to help you create your standout products, and get your projects done right.

Product Development Acceleration and IP

DornerWorks is an AMD Alliance Program Premier Partner
DornerWorks can provide expert engineering services to enable your high-speed video, networking, RF systems, and more on AMD technology. Working with a Premier Alliance Program Member helps accelerate the design process while minimizing risk to your project. As part of our Premier Design Partnership with AMD, DornerWorks has engineers trained and certified in the UltraFast Design Methodology to enable accelerated and predictable design cycles, covering all the aspects of board and device planning, design creation, implementation, design closure, configuration, and hardware debug.

DornerWorks is a Microchip Authorized Design Partner
DornerWorks is a registered Microchip Design Partner, with experience developing network switch IP, applications for radiation-hardened devices in space, low power systems, and working with RISC-V architecture. As a Design Partner, DornerWorks meets Microchip’s highest standards in bringing products to market. DornerWorks is also one of three Microchip Medical Design Partner Specialists worldwide. Microchip’s Medical Design Partner Network assists medical design companies with the latest Microchip technology.

DornerWorks is an inaugural member of the seL4 Foundation
The seL4 Foundation is an open, transparent and neutral organization tasked with growing the seL4 ecosystem. It brings together developers of the seL4 kernel, developers of seL4-based components and frameworks, and those adopting seL4 in real-world systems. Its focus is on coordinating, directing and standardizing development of the seL4 ecosystem in order to reduce barriers to adoption, raising funds for accelerating development, and ensuring clarity of verification claims.

As an inaugural member of the seL4 Foundation, DornerWorks has ported seL4 to the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, proposed its use as a method of enhancing security for IoT products, and furthered its use in open source application on RISC-V architecture. Secure product development using the seL4 microkernel has become one of DornerWorks primary services since the company’s engineers first began contributing to the seL4 codebase.

DornerWorks works with Silent SOLUTIONMS LLC
SILENT Solutions LLC has over 50 years of combined experience in EMC and RF design, troubleshooting and training, and provides these services to companies worldwide that develop and manufacture digital, analog, and RF circuits and systems. SILENT provides worldwide in-person and online, private and public EMC courses through SILENT, University of Oxford (England), and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

Technologies we also work with

DornerWorks is a member of the NXP Approved Engineering Consultant - Gold Partner Program
Wind River is one of DornerWorks Design Partners
DornerWorks works with QT tools on embedded engineering projects
DornerWorks is a member of the The Intel FPGA Design Solutions Network

Professional Affiliations

MiDevice (formerly West Michigan Medical Device Consortium) is the only Michigan-based organization dedicated solely to medical device design, development, manufacturing and distribution. The Consortium works to speed the growth and development of medical devices by emphasizing and encouraging collaboration among members to meet overall product lifecycle and supply chain needs. We are leveraging these competencies to grow the medical device industry in the region into a nationally recognized medical device cluster.

IEEE West Michigan Consultant’s Network (WMCN)
The IEEE West Michigan Consultant’s Network (WMCN), an affinity group of the West Michigan chapter of IEEE, exists to help businesses and consultants find each other, and to offer a networking tool for independent consultants and contract engineers to share and learn from each others’ experiences. DornerWorks partners with IEEE WMCN for a local pool of consulting resources for both short-term contract placement and internal problem-solving needs.