Resources are always a concern when you are dealing with multiple operating systems


Here’s how DornerWorks Xen Project Hypervisor helps you overcome that challenge:

DornerWorks Xen Project Hypervisor enables multi-OS interoperability without pushing size, weight, power consumption, or cost out of the realm of sustainability.

The distro includes everything you need to start up a target platform in minutes, plus tools to help you add your own features and applications.


DornerWorks can help you grow your business with embedded virtualization


Reduce cost and schedule demands

DornerWorks Xen Project Hypervisor helps you develop and launch your products quickly, with low overhead.

Enable new security features

DornerWorks Xen Project Hypervisor uses strict isolation and partitioning methods to keep your systems secure from open channels.

Reduce program and product risk

DornerWorks Xen Project Hypervisor is already providing innovators in aerospace and automotive industries with greater development flexibility.

Further case studies and examples

Open Source Virtualization with DornerWorks Xen Project Hypervisor

An accelerated path to software security and isolation.

Enable the Benefits of Virtualization

Get the most out of your embedded products.

VxWorks on DornerWorks’ DornerWorks Xen Project Hypervisor

Unlock security, stability, and real-time results.

"I am fortunate to work with DornerWorks as a strong systems solution partner supporting our customers across so many disparate system architectures and technical challenges."
- Senior Project Manager

We know you care about building secure, robust software — we do, too!

DornerWorks has been developing virtualized products using type-1 hypervisors like open source Xen based Virtuosity® for years, and won a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to explore its usage in aerospace and defense.

The AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC enables some of the most sophisticated features of virtualization, and Virtuosity helps you make the most of this powerful processing solution.

As an AMD Adaptive Computing Partner, DornerWorks engineers are certified annually, and adept at implementing the latest tools, technologies and techniques.

Simplify growth

Virtualization simplifies growth, making it possible to isolate functions so that a breach or failure in one is contained. Not even security vulnerabilities in the VM’s OS can compromise functions in another VM, providing defense in depth.

Centralize monitoring and management

Virtualization allows for centralized monitoring and management external to the software functions being monitored. This can be used to detect and dynamically respond to breaches and faults, restarting faulted VMs or terminating a compromised VM before it is exploited.

Maximize up-time

A centralized monitoring function is useful in embedded applications that place a greater emphasis on up-time. The monitoring function can switch to a backup VM in case of a fault, to take over with minimal loss of service.