Mission-critical network development can be complicated.

But complex technology shouldn’t hold you back from innovation.

A lot of companies struggle to build accurate, high-speed networked systems that can grow their business. DornerWorks can help your business develop a customized networking solution for land, sea, air, or space.

We offer pre-built platforms like the multi-layer, space-qualified Ethernet switch shown here, along with powerful IP, and other solutions to accelerate your algorithm.

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Reduce SWaP and mitigate obsolescence with the flexibility of FPGAs.

Minimal footprint

Minimal footprint

  • Lower your SWaP for the cost of a single FPGA chip.
  • Eliminate reliance on software processing and DDR RAM.

High accuracy

High accuracy

  • Nanosecond synchronization times
  • Rapid time convergence

Safety-critical certification artifacts

Safety-critical certification artifacts

  • NASA standards
  • ISO 9001
  • AS9100
  • ISO13485

Multi-layer enhanced capability

Multi-layer enhanced capability

  • Limited IP routing
  • VLAN tagging
Advanced time-synchronization solutions.

Defense-class AVB networking

The DornerWorks MAF Endpoint FPGA IP was implemented in a system that detects and mitigates the threat of oncoming airborne explosive devices around the perimeter of military ground vehicles.

Safety-critical networking

Whether for a nuclear submarine fathoms deep, or a space station miles above, DornerWorks multi-layer Ethernet switch keeps safety-critical devices connected in nearly any environment imaginable.

Mission-critical networking

Industrial systems respond in real-time, and mission-critical sensor systems are connected together in aerospace applications thanks to capable products developed by innovative companies and engineering guidance from DornerWorks.

"DornerWorks is a professional, flexible, and an essential part of our team."
- Engineering Manager

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