Executive Leadership


David Dorner, Chairman

David started DornerWorks to provide electronics engineering expertise to businesses who need reliability in both design and service. In its first few years, the company grew rapidly, doubling in size several times over, and now continues to grow with those original principles, serving many businesses and institutions. David has been recognized as a business leader by the Grand Rapids Business Journal (40 Under Forty) and by his alma mater, Calvin College (Horizon Award), among others. David passed the title and role of President on to Shawn Isenhoff in 2021, and passed ownership of the company to an Employee Stock Ownership Program in 2023, and now serves as Chairman of DornerWorks.


Shawn Isenhoff, President

Shawn is a graduate of Michigan Technological University with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and completed his MBA through Michigan State University. With a background in both product and services companies, Shawn is leading DornerWorks in our continued pursuit of serving our customers and partnering with them in ways that make a positive impact for all.



Michael Cotter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Michael Cotter graduated from Boston University with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering and earned an Executive MBA from the Broad College at Michigan State University. He brings 20+ years of technology experience with the last 5 years focused on leading organizations through digital transformation. Michael is passionate about helping customers develop winning technology strategies resulting in market differentiation, accelerated growth, market expansion, and additional revenue models.



Jamie VanDeWinkle, Director of Finance and Administration

Jamie VanDeWinkle graduated with a bachelors in accounting, and masters of business administration from Davenport University. She joined DornerWorks with over 10 years of experience in a variety of finance and operations leadership roles in health care, property management, and consulting. Jamie now oversees finance, IT, and administration teams where she can utilize her passion for process improvement, risk management, and operational excellence to assist in scalability across our organization.




Sara Parmeter, Director of Human Resources

Sara Parmeter joined DornerWorks in 2021 after having previously serving in HR leadership roles in IT, professional services and healthcare. As Director of Human Resources, Sara oversees the strategic aspects of DornerWorks “people” strategies, as well as their day-to day implementation. Within Human Resources, Sara is passionate about engaging employees in the success of the business and creating service oriented HR teams. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University and her Master’s degree in Organizational Development from Loyola University in Chicago. Sara also serves as an adjunct professor of Human Resources with Cornerstone University.



DornerWorks Team Leaders

Kevin Crots

Engineering Operations Manager

David Johnson

FPGA Engineering Group Manager

Anthony Boorsma

Medical Solutions and IoT Solutions Engineering Group Manager

David Van Duinen

Secure Technologies, Engineering Group Manager

Gary Kersting

Director of Quality Assurance,
Manufacturing Engineer, Test Engineer

Gregg Wildes

Business Development Director


Business Development Manager

Mark Holtvluwer

Business Development Manager

Mimi Miles

Head of Marketing

Deb DeVries

Talent and Engagement Manager

Allison Sluis

Engineering Project Manager II – Medical Solutions Group

Nathan Studer

Technology Strategy Leader – Secure Technologies Group

Corrin Meyer

FPGA Design Architect

Ben Algera

Electrical Design Architect – Medical Solutions Group

Greg Nowak

Business Development Lead – IoT

Jake Vandebrake

Engineering Project Manager II – FPGA Engineering Group

Matt Nibbelink

Matt Nibbelink

Engineering Project Manager II – FPGA Engineering Group

Jeff Kubascik

Engineering Project Manager – seL4 Engineering Group

Jeff Winship

Engineering Project Manager II – IoT Solutions Group


IT Team Lead

Dan Rittersdorf

Technology Strategy Leader – Medical Group

David Norwood

Engineering Project Manager II – IoT Solutions Group

Nicholas Pahl

Engineering Project Manager – FPGA Engineering Group