VxWorks on DornerWorks’ Xen Project Hypervisor – Security, Stability, And Real-Time Results

Posted on December 3, 2017 by Matthew Russell

DornerWorks’ Xen Project Hypervisor supports Wind River’s VxWorks 7, Linux, Bare Metal, FreeRTOS, and other operating systems–anywhere, anytime

Secure virtualization services are becoming an industry standard more and more is demanded from technology. Resource allocation in an environment with multiple operating systems is often a concern.

Project managers expect full control of their critical processes, as well as real-time data. Without cross-platform communication and reliable secure technologies, however, many of today’s Internet of Things (IoT) applications would be struggling to function efficiently, let alone scale in an increasingly competitive market.

WindRiver VxWorksDornerWorks’ VirtuosityTM is helping those same projects succeed and grow while optimizing size, weight, power consumption, and cost (SWaP-C) for future sustainability. Now, running WindRiver’s VxWorks 7 OS, it’s helping launch time-synchronous IoT projects that are redefining the way machines communicate securely.

DornerWorks Xen Project Hypervisor, based on the open source Xen Project, isolates operational processes from real-time monitoring, and eliminates any loss or corruption of data while running those applications simultaneously. This technology provides a stable foundation for projects based on WindRiver’s VxWorks 7, as well as Linux, FreeRTOS, Bare Metal, and other operating systems, offering real-time results alongside your own open source architecture.

DornerWorks has successfully integrated similar hypervisor solutions for industrial, defense, datacom, and aerospace applications, where strict partitioning and performance truly matter. This combination of versatility and secure isolation delivers cyber-resilient solutions, suitable for building multiple applications and operating systems on a single piece of silicon.

Multi-core processing and IoT sensor monitoring in real-time used to be just a dream, but with VxWorks 7 running on VirtuosityTM, that dream has become reality, freeing project managers and innovators in customer solutions to concentrate on what matters most–driving their business toward success.

Schedule a meeting with DornerWorks today and we will guide you through integrating a secure open source hypervisor solution for your next development project.

Matthew Russell
by Matthew Russell