DornerWorks has you covered when it comes to skills required for the safety critical cutting edge medical devices. Our diverse medical portfolio includes several groundbreaking products, many of which we are not at liberty to disclose. DornerWorks engineers follow regulatory standards like IEC60601 and IEC62304. Our quality policy is validated by years of certification in ISO 13485.

“DornerWorks is professional, flexible, and an essential part of our team.”
—Product Business Manger

Advanced RF systems for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

A major medical device development company set a goal to help magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) clinicians and doctors improve...Read more

Prosthetic elbow interface

Imagine sitting in a doctor’s office, the physician wheels in a cart of electronic equipment, attaches a few electrodes...Read more

Ultrasound bone stimulator

DornerWorks provided complete software development for their new version of a patient treatment device that applies low intensity ultrasound radiation...Read more

Pneumatic hospital bed: Stryker Isolibrium

This hospital bed electronics system was comprised of a pneumatic control circuit board and a pressure sensing I/O circuit...Read more

MultiGen™ radiofrequency generator

The industry’s first and only radiofrequency generator able to handle up to 4 lesions simultaneously and with independent control,...Read more

Patient positioning system

Develop a system for moving large patients on the bed without risking injury to hospital staff. The system had...Read more