Incompatible operating systems? Not enough memory?

Not with Virtuosity OA.

Computing resources have always been a concern when you are dealing with multiple operating systems. But, they don’t have to be.

Virtuosity OA (Open Architecture) enables safety-critical multi-OS interoperability without pushing size, weight, power consumption or cost out of the realm of sustainability.

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DornerWorks can help you implement the safety, security, and versatility of Virtuosity OA.

Own Your Products

Virtuosity OA is open source, which means you own the rights to the products you make with it.

Launch With Confidence

Virtuosity OA has everything you need to start up a target platform in minutes, shortening the schedule for complex defense-class projects.

Lead Your Market

Virtuosity OA enables the distributed virtualized development systems in use by DARPA, the US Navy, US Army, and other leaders in aerospace and defense.

Virtuosity OA is virtualization with the future in mind.

Strict ARINC 653 partitioning

Strict ARINC 653 partitioning

  • Privileged partitions for initialization and configuration
  • Health monitoring
  • I/O control

Facilitates integration

Facilitates integration

  • Available for x86 and ARM targets

Support for controlled I/O sharing

Support for controlled I/O sharing

  • RS-232/422/485
  • MIL-STD-1553
  • Ethernet
  • ARINC 664p7
  • CAN and more

Alignment with open industry standards

Alignment with open industry standards

  • ARINC 653
  • FACE Technical Standard
"We have come to a point where our software is something that’s destined not just for a lab, but for an airplane. Each of you has contributed greatly to this effort, and each of you should be proud of your contributions. Thank you for all of your hard work"
- Senior Engineer

Bring cyber-resilient innovation to your project

Virtualized systems are revolutionizing the way secure systems are being built, but the cost of developing software to rigorous standards can be stifling to innovation.

DornerWorks Virtuosity OA makes it possible to integrate different software architectures, and develop robust virtualized systems cost effectively. Certified to The Open Group FACE™ Technical Standard for mission critical systems, Virtuosity OA provides the open source virtualization technology now supporting next generation open architecture projects.

Groundbreaking virtualization

Virtuosity OA is the first OSS in the world to reach conformance with the open source FACE Technical Standard.

Enable distributed development

The Virtuosity hypervisor is a perfect fit for MPSoC-based products, enabling management of multiple processor cores, assisted by built-in hardware virtualization capabilities.

Accelerate your open architecture development

Virtuosity OA is free and open source software that enables running multiple operating systems and mixed criticality applications simultaneously. The fastest and easiest way to benefit from virtualization for your project is with a DornerWorks Quick Start Package.