Electronics platform for an enterprise workstation “hotel-style” reservation/check-in system for the office furniture industry.

DornerWorks developed the hardware platform which includes:

  • LCD with Cap-Touch
  • Zigbee Radio for communications with the server and Over-the-Air updates
  • RFID reader for simplified user check-in
  • Renesas RX631 series microcontroller
  • On-board Flash for multiple language support
  • GRN/RED LEDs for system status (nothing difficult, but it looked really cool!)

Our Solution

DornerWorks worked with the customer’s Industrial/Mechanical designers to fit the electronics in an existing package. Throughout development, DornerWorks interfaced with the customer’s Contract Manufacturer to coordinate prototype PCB assembly builds and transition this product into production. Throughout the product development lifecycle, DornerWorks evaluated the system’s EMC performance to ensure Regulatory Compliance requirements would be met.


  • DornerWork PCB Development Process, including: Parts Database Integration, IPC Symbol/Footprint Libraries, and Scripting/Automation Support
  • Schematics and Layout using Mentor Graphics DxDesigner/PADS
  • High-Speed Interface Modeling using Mentor Graphics HyperLynx
  • Version Control using SVN for native files and release control