Rail systems need constant maintenance and extensive daily monitoring of rail safety and integrity, critical to passenger and cargo safety. An accurate and technologically advanced method of checking rail safety was needed in the marketplace.

Our task was to provide an interactive system that would work in a rail safety vehicle to accurately measure fluctuations in track wear and provide consistent reports for maintenance personnel.

Our Solution

DornerWorks developed custom software, using Windows XP Embedded and integrated Commercial-Off-The-Shelf components, to create a system that accurately measures the gauge and levelness of railroad tracks. This system utilized lasers to measure the gauge of the rails, incorporated a sensor that measured distance traveled and a second sensor that measured the incline, and also used GPS as a location measurement input.

This is a breakthrough product in its market, and DornerWorks took a proof of concept version to a final production version, improving the measurement performance by over 500%.

"The work you did … solved a real problem for us and provided our customer with a useable solution to the software issue on a very marketable product. As we move forward with our other projects we will most certainly be using DornerWorks for the market ready operator interfaces and software requirements. DornerWorks offers a unique approach to operator interfaces which fits very well with our requirements for user friendly but sophisticated software"
- President