On the P-8A Poseidon platform for a major aviation customer, our team completed verification and validation activities on the MCDU Arbitration Function (MAF). We analyzed LLRs, developed test procedures, and supported formal testing on IPSE hardware.

Our Solution

DornerWorks provided the necessary staffing expertise to complete the test development and execution efficiently, porting test instrumentation to updated hardware, updating test scripts and procedures, and performing “dry run” tests along the way. We communicated progress to our customer team through metrics that showed earned value, and supported formal reviews of RBTs, test procedures, and test code.

DornerWorks also participated in V&V activities on the MCDU Arbitration Function (MAF) of the P-8A program, both in analyzing LLRs and developing test procedures, and in test development to support formal testing on IPSE. Tests and test applications were developed and delivered in DOORS and Dimensions.

With their test development and execution run efficiently by DornerWorks engineers, the customer was able to win back time to focus on their product design and their own clients’ true needs.


  • Optimized testing effort to be relevant to the full coverage of P-8A design requirements
  • Ported MAF test instrumentation to the NPM daughtercard, where the MAF application runs. This involved writing I/O services that were unavailable on the embedded NPM processor
  • Ported MAF Test Application configurations to the P-8A SIL hardware.
  • Performed dry runs as well as Formal Test Runs of the Test Procedures on all MAF test Applications using the P-8A SIL lab