Build A Trusted Software Foundation with the seL4 microkernel on the PolarFire SoC

When embedded on a networked device, machine learning and automation technology can keep a pilot safer in the air, a driver safer on the road, and a doctor more focused in the operating room.

The new PolarFire SoC from Microchip is the first commercially-available multi-core FPGA System-on-Chip that can support these applications on open source Linux and the RISC-V architecture. It enables the determinism needed for real-time hardware applications, while living up to the interoperability promise of RISC-V.

The Icicle Kit is putting PolarFire SoC power into the hands of developers who are building them.

And the seL4 microkernel will provide a trusted base for their most critical software components.

Watch the Demo

Try it out yourself!

  1. Download the seL4 microkernel source code here:


  1. Use an Icicle Kit or Antmicro’s Renode to emulate one.


  1. Download and run the demo yourself!

More on developing secure applications on the seL4 Microkernel

Verifying that a system is secure can be a difficult proposition. It requires performing numerous tests that provide increased confidence in, but never quite prove, the security of an application. Formal verification is an effective alternative to testing, since it can be used to definitively prove the security properties of individual software applications.

In this webinar, Microchip and DornerWorks discuss how formal verification can make your products more secure.