Enhance Ethernet Networked Products With DornerWorks Groundbreaking TSN IP Now Available From AMD

Posted on July 18, 2023 by Matthew Russell

In an era where real-time decision-making and secure connectivity are vital, DornerWorks’ cutting-edge Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) solutions empower developers to excel in industries like aerospace, defense, and IoT. DornerWorks, the pioneering engineering firm specializing in robust Ethernet networked systems, now offers their cutting-edge TSN Ethernet IP for FPGAs from AMD. This groundbreaking development empowers developers using AMD silicon to stay ahead in the fast-paced, connected world.

DornerWorks’ TSN IP solutions are designed to ensure guaranteed and predictable end-to-end latency, bandwidth, and quality of service (QoS) for time-sensitive applications over Ethernet.

“Our cutting-edge TSN IP solutions were developed with the most demanding systems in mind, including those requiring defense-class security,” says David Johnson, DornerWorks FPGA Engineering Group Manager. “By providing exceptional performance and precision, we empower our customers to excel in their respective industries.”

By utilizing precise time synchronization and synchronization protocols, TSN ensures that data is delivered in a timely manner and in the correct sequence, minimizing the risk of data manipulation or tampering. The deterministic nature of TSN allows for predictable and consistent communication, reducing the possibility of interference or unauthorized access. This combination of accuracy and security makes TSN an ideal solution for mission-critical applications, as demonstrated at Quad-A with the Army Aviation Association of America, PEO Aviation, North Atlantic Industries and DDC-I, and enables the Digital Backbone for systems that support the modern warfighter.

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Matthew Russell
by Matthew Russell