Technology Development Horizons Expand As DornerWorks Fills Critical New Role

Posted on March 12, 2019 by DornerWorks Ltd.

Amputees are finding greater mobility and confidence with a new prosthetic device designed by a DornerWorks client because of the work Shawn Isenhoff dedicated to the project as an engineering manager.

Shawn Isenhoff is DornerWorks Vice President of Engineering
DornerWorks Vice President of Engineering, Shawn Isenhoff

Patients in health care facilities suffering from hyper- or hypothermia are able to recover faster, with a greater rate of success, because of the engineering resources Isenhoff pooled for a leading manufacturer of medical products.

There are more stories, just like this, in which Isenhoff has played a guiding role. And, many more are on the way.

DornerWorks named Isenhoff its newest Vice President of Engineering to spread this wealth of expertise to each and every client it works with, and to put more support behind each engineer on its rapidly growing team.

“I am so proud and excited for Shawn to fill the role of VP of Engineering at DornerWorks! Nobody in my mind is better suited for this role than Shawn – he was over very first Program Manager hired – over 12 years ago (at our original Burton office) – and has risen to Engineering Manager over our TPD & IOT Focus Groups before being promoted to VP,” says DornerWorks President and CEO David Dorner. “Shawn has gone above and beyond in his consistent, smooth, and detailed handling of customer projects including major medical customers such as Stryker and College Park. I am so excited to work with Shawn as we continue to grow our world-class engineering capabilities!”

Shawn Isenhoff, DornerWorks VP of Engineering
Shawn Isenhoff guides development projects to success with a deep understanding of the technology at work and the team members building it.

Having grown from just a few dozen engineers to over 100 in less than a decade, now fielding projects in classified national aerospace and defense initiatives, autonomous automotive platforms, and other safety-critical fields, DornerWorks is even more prepared to deliver deep expertise, and trust, to each of those projects, and all that follow.

“Appointment of Shawn Isenhoff to this role is both an affirmation of his leadership as well as a demonstration of the growth and bright future of DornerWorks,” says DornerWorks COO Steve Vanderleest. “He is well respected by our customers and throughout our organization for his thoughtful consideration of issues, ability to get at the root of a problem, skills at managing change, his leadership in tackling big opportunities, and his personal example of our corporate values, especially integrity, stewardship, and service.”

“Shawn is one of those rare people who can both lead internal teams well and be a trusted guide to clients,” says DornerWorks Chief UX Strategist Eric Bigoness. “He has a breadth of technical knowledge and project experience with a problem-solving attitude which makes him an invaluable asset to clients. Now take that and combine it with the emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills needed for thoughtful leadership and you’ve got a uniquely talented person, someone that will make a great Vice President.”

Whether it’s engineering expertise, project management, or remarkable product design, Isenhoff is able to offer each to the companies DornerWorks collaborates with, often calling on resources from vastly differing areas, because he’s served in each of those roles himself.

“Having been a part of this company for almost a dozen years now I have seen the transition from a talented group of engineers to looking for way to channel our talent into solutions for our customers. It is very exciting to help us continue that transition and exceed our customer expectations along the way.”

DornerWorks Vice President of Engineering, Shawn Isenhoff

“Isenhoff was very helpful with guiding a recent customer who was struggling to produce their next generation product within a tight budget and schedule, with the additional challenge of incorporating some cutting-edge technology to give them a market edge,” Vanderleest says. “He helped them find the right balance of features so that their investment was wisely directed toward what mattered most to their end customer.”

Isenhoff started his career in engineering and grew into project management because he saw gaps that needed to be bridged in order to deliver the best customer experience. While advocating to see products meet the needs of all stakeholders, Isenhoff’s personnel management responsibility has helped him to better understand the organization and how each individual contributes to make a stronger team and to enhance DornerWorks clients, and their customers.

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