Medical and Connected Product Development Accelerated by Solutions Groups at DornerWorks

Posted on May 22, 2019 by DornerWorks Ltd.

If you look at companies who want to build the best products they can, break into new markets, and leave the competition behind, you’ll soon notice a similarity. They don’t achieve that success by accident.

It takes careful and meticulous planning, a little bit of inspiration, and teams full of talent.

With the skills of creative and dedicated engineers to plan out a path toward that success, DornerWorks is a valuable partner for companies looking for stand-out and scalable product development results.

Game-changing products like the latest Traeger Grills models, with wireless control; Dexter Laundry machines, monitored and operable via a web app; and the Espire Elbow from College Park Industries, bringing movement to countless humans around the world, are already a testament to the capabilities of companies who choose to accelerate and ensure product development success with DornerWorks. Now, with Engineering Group Manager Anthony Boorsma leading the Medical Solutions and IoT Solutions Groups here at DornerWorks, we can push those product dreams even further.

Anthony Boorsma, DornerWorks Medical Solutions and IoT Solutions Group Manager

“I’ve always loved computers and technology,” Boorsma says. “My father was a computer salesman for the majority of my childhood. I’ve been surrounded by cool technology from a young age, and always knew I wanted to get involved in tech in some fashion. Microprocessor architecture design was a particular interest in college and I focused on learning as much of that as I could, including the markets surrounding microprocessors.”

Boorsma is excited to guide DornerWorks clients through the full product development life cycle, whether it’s connected solutions for consumer products or those that need to meet the rigorous standards of medical environments.

“Anthony will ensure our customers succeed with their product development, from innovation to sustainment for medical and internet connected product. His engineering expertise and drive for excellence will be sure to delight our customers,” says DornerWorks VP of engineering Shawn Isenhoff.

DornerWorks’ Medical and IoT services groups will collaborate directly with clients, guided by Boorsma’s leadership, working with integrity and creativity to develop products that stand out.

“Our customers don’t need to come up with all the answers themselves and throw them over for us to implement,” Boorsma says. “We will collaborate with them to build a product that they are proud of, that they own, and that helps them grow their business. We have a fantastic team and I’m excited to be given the opportunity to help connect our team with new customers and also improve our service to existing customers who we already have a great relationship with.”

“We will collaborate with [our customers] to build a product that they are proud of, that they own, and that helps them grow their business.”

Boorsma brings years of experience as a chief software engineer and project manager to his new role as Medical and IoT Solutions group leader. His past work in embedded engineering has led clients in aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial, and medical markets to stronger businesses.

It was at DornerWorks, he says, that he first fell in love with embedded engineering. The opportunity to work on low-level software development projects brought with it a demand for intimate knowledge of microprocessor technology. This knowledge, Boorsma says, is key to delivering the best solutions to Dornerworks customers.

Boorsma and embedded engineer Matt Johnson.

“Embedded systems are always changing and provide so many opportunities for creative solutions, it’s an industry that I think will always continue to interest and excite me,” he says.

This position will amplify Boorsma’s ability to bring out the best in our clients’ product development needs.

“Anthony is a very detailed oriented engineer and was careful to ensure our most recent US Navy SBIR was executed according to all of the stringent military requirements,” says DornerWorks founder and president David Dorner. “Anthony will do well guiding our Medical and IoT Solutions groups strategies to ensure our customers reach success.”

DornerWorks congratulates Anthony Boorsma on this new role, and his commitment to remarkable product development services for our customers, as well as the newly focused initiatives of our Medical and IoT Solutions groups, already serving growing businesses across the United States.

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