Future of IIOT Unveiled at Manufacturing Leadership Summit

Posted on May 3, 2019 by Matthew Russell

Whether you’re a disruptor, an integrator, an innovator, or even if you’re just trying to be one, we can all agree on this: those who aren’t willing to take measured risks are the first to be left behind when industry drives forward into a new paradigm.

Two centuries ago, a “thinking” machine was complete fiction. Today, Industry 4.0 is led by those machines. Smart devices and sensors connected by highly responsive processing systems have “revolutionized” industry once more, and made it possible to measure risk, as well as opportunity, with much greater accuracy.

Industry 4.0 signals the addition of connectivity, virtualized systems, and artificial intelligence to the previous horizon of computer automated processes. It’s making industry more efficient, more agile, and more effective for those who understand the value of these technologies, and was the subject of the Manufacturing Leadership Summit that took place October 30, 2018, at the Amway Grand Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids.

With experience in creating embedded virtualized systems and connected solutions for clients in aerospace and defense, the medical industry, and automotive manufacturers, DornerWorks has been accelerating the adoption of Industry 4.0 technology for nearly two decades. During the MFGSummit18, as a part of a panel on the Industrial Internet of Things, DornerWorks Chief IoT Engineer Greg Nowak shared stories and insight from his own work in the field.

Greg Nowak, DornerWorks Chief IoT Engineer

Greg brings extensive computer science and engineering talent to the DornerWorks team, backed by experience in aerospace engineering and platform software development. And, as a certified Scrum Master, Greg plays a key role in the planning and development of some of DornerWorks most important projects focused on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Greg spoke on the Industry 4.0 panel, joined by individuals from Atomic Object, Steelcase, and ADAC Automotive. The discussion was moderated by David Carlson, US Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Practice Leader, Marsh.

Sessions from the event included:

  • Press Go On Industry 4.0
  • Empowering Mind & Machine: How Industry 4.0 Will Reinvent Life As We Know It
  • How Manufacturers Can Get Started On Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Disruption: The Future Of Work, Skills, And Leadership In The New Industrial World

Industrial capabilities have come a long way since machines first began helping us work both harder and smarter. Thanks to centuries of effort behind improving the latter, we’re now in the midst of a fourth revolution, and the Manufacturing Leadership Summit is a great opportunity for anyone looking to see what potential it holds for the future.

Matthew Russell
by Matthew Russell