‘Deterministic Ethernet Challenges and Solutions’ Shows Real-Time Possibilities at GVSETS

Posted on August 1, 2018 by DornerWorks Ltd.

In aerospace and defense applications, critical processes need to occur quickly and reliably. There is no room for anything less than real time.

Time synchronous processes make that possible, and help product developers optimize bandwidth. This enables the real-time sensor communication systems now supporting the U.S. Armed Forces.

DornerWorks has developed a high-assurance communication solution for military use that leverages open standards and COTS technologies to lower cost, reduce SWaP, and provide a roadmap that protects against obsolescence. Throughout our R&D efforts, we discovered shortcomings with existing COTS solutions that we sought to address in developing a custom, yet standards-based, solution.

David Verbree, Ph.D.

DornerWorks engineer David Verbree, PhD. discussed the unique approaches our team used to overcome these shortcomings, to optimize performance, and to improve ease-of-use to develop a time-synchronous AVB-capable MAC (Media Access Controller) FPGA IP core that can interface with most COTS 1-Gbps PHYs, at the 10th Annual Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium (GVSETS) & Advanced Planning Briefings for Industry (APBI). The presentation is based on a paper Verbree co-authored along with DornerWorks engineer Brian C. Douglas.

Download the paper here.


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