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Posted on April 18, 2022 by DornerWorks Ltd.
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Every individual has developed their own unique revelations from working through the COVID-19 pandemic, but one theme has emerged amongst many in the workforce: The desire for flexibility. The outworking’s of this criteria are many: The ability to bring kids to school in the morning, freedom to finish work around appointments, and the opportunity to join meetings with co-workers across the country.

Largely agreed upon is working from home.

FPGA Engineer Carl Ribbing

Carl was excited to be emerging out of the pandemic. However, he didn’t want to leave behind the remote working model that allowed him to maximize productivity while collaborating with his “furry coworker,” a dog named Cloe.

Carl felt at a loss; he really did like his job but felt ready to exercise more control over his career after spending 5 years in the industry as an FPGA engineer.

Carl searched online for a position that would make the most of his expertise, while providing the flexibility that he craved. He came across DornerWorks, an embedded technology engineering company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Carl followed up through visiting the company’s website and social media posts. He discovered that DornerWorks had extensive experience in FPGA-based solutions development, helping customers in aerospace and defense, medical, industrial, and more recently space markets build and launch next-generation products that change lives for the better.

DornerWorks FPGA engineers contribute to state of the art products.

He felt compelled to take things a step further by applying at

Even through his brief research efforts, he felt confident in the unknown – sure of the fact that DornerWorks work on cutting edge tech would bring him to the next level in his career development.

Even the application process bolstered his assumptions about the company: The process was streamlined and marked by clarity. Just 48 hours after submitting his application, he received a call from the DornerWorks recruiting manager Deb DeVries.

He celebrated his offer just 3 interviews later.

The team wasted no time onboarding Carl into meaningful projects. This has lent itself to quite an impressive portfolio for Carl, that includes work like Ethernet Switch innovations that feature an embedded RISC-V processor targeting Microchip’s latest RTG4 silicon.

“DornerWorks has a pretty large FPGA team for such a small company and we work on really cool projects,” Carl says. “Most importantly, DornerWorks typically is working on bleeding edge tech which is important if you want to keep up on your skills as an engineer.”

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Carl says he also enjoys being part of a team culture that truly makes him feels at home.

“I have an awesome manager, project manager and a neat project that keeps me on my toes,” Carl says. “DornerWorks treats me well and I feel like a valued member of the team. I have zero regrets in moving my career here.”

Does Carl’s story sound like your own? We at DornerWorks want to invite you into our community to experience valuable work and true flexibility. Start your journey today by following these three, simple steps:

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We can’t wait to be a part of your journey – You deserve the best!

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