Developing your own IP can be complex and time-consuming.

But complex technology shouldn’t hold you back from innovation.

A lot of companies struggle to design standout products and the IP to maximize their capabilities at the same time. DornerWorks provides engineering services and turnkey IP solutions to help these companies get a jumpstart on development, and leave the competition behind.

We offer pre-built platforms like the Multi-Sensor System Demo Platform shown here, along with powerful IP, and other solutions to accelerate your algorithm.


Clarity and confidence for complex development


Differentiate your products from the rest

With the right IP, you can launch products that stake a stronger claim over your market.

Leverage deep expertise

We work with silicon manufacturers like Xilinx and industrial design partners to guide your project from concept to launch, and beyond.

Lead your market

Don't just match your competition, leave them in the dust.

Tailored IP solutions to move your development to the next level.

AES-HS Encryption

AES-HS Encryption

  • The AES-HS IP core is a high-performance encryption and decryption IP core, measured to provide extreme levels of throughput on recent Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA devices, and it is designed to be easily integrated into existing systems by making use of the standard AXI-4 interfaces for control and I/O.

AES-SD Encryption

AES-SD Encryption

  • The AES-SD IP core is a quick-start encryption and decryption IP core. This implementation offers lower performance that AES-HS, but is designed for use in the SDSoC development environment to allow simple interaction between software and this FPGA-implemented algorithm.



  • The AVB MAC IP has built-in high-accuracy time-synchronization and features to support deterministic communication. It enables support for multiple types of heterogeneous traffic over a common network to reduce infrastructure costs.

Time-Synchronous MAC

Time-Synchronous MAC

  • This deterministic Ethernet IP provides low latency and high throughput support for diverse traffic inputs over a common network with gapless scheduling.
Projects we have guided to success with custom IP.

Hardware obsolescence mitigation

When a transportation company needed to replace their obsolete and now-unavailable Intel microprocessor with a VHDL based soft core IP equivalent, DornerWorks implemented a modern FPGA replacement -- “plug-and-play” solution that helped the customer maintain momentum on a mature platform.

Multi-Layer Ethernet Switch

A customized networking solution for land, sea, air, or space, made portable with RISC-V architecture.

Real-Time Video Streaming

Multi-sensor system demo platform shows how FPGAs and Xilinx IP enable reliable, real-time accuracy.

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- Engineering Manager

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