Joining DornerWorks' Teams Meetings In A Browser

You may need to sign out of your 365 account in your browser or use private browsing in order to join. 
Starting with your DornerWorks meeting invite at the bottom : 
1.) Right click on “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting”- Then select “copy link address” (highlighted red) 
2.)  Open either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome and paste (Ctrl+V) the copied link into the address bar – then press enter.
Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox browsers are not supported by Microsoft for use with Teams.
3.) Teams will try to suggest the desktop app, if its installed. Click the white button “Join on the web instead” (highlighted below) 
4.)  Your browser may ask for access to your microphone or camera if this is the first time joining from the web – if you wish to use either of these, access must be granted.