7 New Technologies to Help You Succeed

7 New Technologies to Help You Succeed

Technology should help your team and your products do more with less. That means a smaller form factor, more capable processors, and low power requirements.

These benefits are at the heart of the most innovative embedded solutions, which companies across the world are using to change lives for the better.

For some companies, this type of innovation means spending months of engineering hours and millions of dollars on developing products for their market, but no one ever said you have to take on this task alone. A trusted development partner can be critical to launching your products when unfamiliarity with new technologies, lack of time or other resources put your team at a disadvantage.

This resource will help you bring confidence to your development while integrating some of the most powerful technologies available today.


Topics covered in this presentation:

  • Machine learning
  • Multi-sensor data streaming
  • Radiation-hardened systems for space
  • Trusted software foundations
  • And more…



7 new technologies to help you innovate, and outpace the competition